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The Future Academy of Critical Thinking (FACT) is a visionary institution that reimagines education through personalized learning and holistic development. At the heart of FACT's philosophy are the values and experiences of its Founder, Jad Atik, and his family.


With an unwavering dedication to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of creative thoughtful inquiry, Jad has embarked on a mission to redefine education standards through FACT's leading-edge approach.


His experience in education, spanning both traditional and self-taught pioneering approaches, grants him a unique perspective on the crying needs of today’s developing young generation.

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Lorraine Atik


Jad Atik
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Jad Atik

Director and Founder

His advocacy for cutting-edge teaching methods, interdisciplinary curricula, and holistic student development is poised to reshape the educational landscape for those who understand the stakes and upcoming challenges rapidly shaping up on the horizon.


He is unwavering in his commitment to the FACT Personalized Learning model as the best method for providing an education that ignites creativity, nurtures curiosity, and instills resilience in students.

While possessing over 30 years in the fields of sciences, maths, finance, and education, his journey towards establishing FACT has been significantly shaped by the influence of his wife, Lorraine Atik who has been a steadfast proponent of holistic living, advocating for the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Her dedication to holistic well-being has deeply influenced the tenet of FACT, where students not only acquire tools, methods and knowledge but also develop into well-rounded individuals.


Their children Mickaël, Nicholas, and Daniel, serve as living embodiments of FACT's educational philosophy. These young adults not only exemplify the principles of the FACT education but also play an active role in shaping its future.

As active teachers and mentors at FACT, they inspire fellow learners to explore their intellectual and creative boundaries and embrace critical thinking.


Together, the Atik family and the entire FACT community are on a collective journey toward awakening to the limitless potential of personalized learning, holistic development, the transformative power of creativity, communication, and critical thinking.


Those who join us at FACT will embark on an extraordinary educational voyage, where together, we will nurture innovation, curiosity, and critical thinking while guiding our children onto solid grounds and into the future.


Personalized learning is a transformative approach that recognizes the uniqueness of each student's learning journey. It tailors learning to individual needs, pace, and interests, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. All in all, students become active architects of their learning paths. This approach instills a lifelong love for learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It celebrates individuality, promoting a deeper understanding of subjects while cultivating self-confidence and a thirst for knowledge.


Here's how personalized learning will unfold at our Academy:


1. Customized Pathways: Students will embark on a learning journey that aligns with their strengths, passions, and goals. They will have the freedom to choose subjects and projects that resonate with their interests, making the learning experience engaging and meaningful.


2. Flexible Pace: In this model, students progress at their own pace giving them a sense of confidence and security with the removed pressure to keep up with a pre-determined timeline. As a result, children progress intuitively much faster and assimilate much better what they are focused on learning.


3. Targeted Support: Personalized learning identifies individual learning gaps and provides targeted support. Teachers closely monitor each student's progress, offering timely interventions and one-on-one additional time spent with each student to allow for smooth and efficient learning.


4. Diverse Learning Styles: Recognizing that students have varied learning styles, personalized learning offers a range of instructional approaches, including visual, auditory, and experiential methods, ensuring that every student grasps concepts effectively.


5. Project-Based Learning: Students will engage in hands-on projects and real-world applications of learned methods, enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. This approach connects learning to practical scenarios, making it more relevant.


6. Student Agency: We will show students to take ownership of their education, by actively participating in setting their own objectives, monitoring their progress, and reflecting on their learning experiences. This fosters responsibility and a sense of empowerment.


7. Assessment and Feedback: Assessment methods shift from traditional exams to a blend of formative and summative assessments. Students receive timely feedback, enabling them to track their growth and make improvements.


8. Holistic Development: Personalized learning extends beyond academics to encompass social, emotional, and character development. Students will engage in activities that nurture well-rounded personalities.


9. Teachers as Guides: Teachers transform into guides, mentors, and facilitators, nurturing students’ love for learning while providing the necessary guidance and resources.



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Movement + Improvisation



Visual Arts

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Games + Phys. Ed.



Academic Coordinator

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Games + Phys. Ed.



Academic Coordinator

Our Team




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“Our children need not be taught what to think or even how to think but rather to

just think period."

-Jad Atik

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