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CURRICULUM 4-6 years old

The FACT curriculum for 4-6-year-olds is designed to foster holistic development, emphasizing imagination, creativity, and experiential learning as per the principles of Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy.

  Morning Circle

  • Gather and build a sense of community.

  • Songs, movement, storytelling, and simple group activities.


  Language Arts

  • Develop language skills and foster a love for storytelling.

  • Storytelling, finger plays, and early exposure to letters through artistic activities.


  Arithmetic and Shapes

  • Introduce basic mathematical concepts through hands-on experiences.

  • Counting games, rhythm exercises, and activities involving shapes and spatial awareness.


  Nature and Outdoor Play

  • Develop a connection with nature and promote physical development.

  • Outdoor exploration, gardening, nature walks, and free play.


  Creative Arts

  • Encourage self-expression and creativity.

  • Painting, drawing, modeling with clay, and simple crafting.


  Music and Movement

  • Develop rhythm, coordination, and appreciation for music.

  • Singing, dancing, and exposure to simple musical instruments.


  Practical Life Skills

  • Develop practical skills and a sense of responsibility.

  • Tiding up and organizing activities.


  Social and Emotional Learning

  • Foster emotional intelligence and social skills.

  • Story sharing, group discussions, and cooperative play.


  Rest and Quiet Time

  • Support emotional regulation and rest.

  • Downtime, rest time and/or nap.





  Play-Based Learning

Learning through play is foundational; open-ended toys and activities are chosen to encourage creativity and imagination.

  Holistic Development

Emphasis on the development of the whole child - cognitive, physical, emotional, and social.


  Rhythm and Habit

Establishing daily and weekly rhythms to provide a sense of safety and security


  Immersive Arts

Integration of arts and movement for an engaging learning experience.


  Nature Connection

Regular outdoor experiences in order to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.


  No Technology

No electronic devices whatsoever in favor of hands-on, sensory-rich experiences.



Our approach values the uniqueness of each child and seeks to nurture a love for learning that extends beyond basic academics.

Education does not sow the seeds in you but makes the seeds in you grow

-Khalil Gebran
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