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Piano Lessons with Piano Virtuosos
Our piano teachers are not only accomplished pianists but also amazing composers. They have tremendous experience teaching children of all ages as well as adults!
Our method is based on awakening and storytelling on the piano. It encompasses technique as well as creativity.
We guidour students to feel the sounds of the music as well as develop proper piano technique to be able to express themselves on the piano.
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  • Dates of the Recitals

Storytelling on the piano

When you tap into the creativity of children via arts or music, that same creativity will manifest in everything they do or touch!

Witness the piano piece composed and interpreted by a 13-year-old Gabriel Atik and see for yourself.
Every child has a creative side begging to manifest itself.

At FACT what our students learn they learn forever!

Simplicity is the final achievement. It is Simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art."

-Frederic Chopin

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